Find cheap Kauai restaurants
that serve great local food!

When we go on vacation, we certainly like to eat out, and in today's economy finding cheap Kauai restaurants is a must!

In fact nowadays, just GOING on vacation is a great luxury, and feeding your family on a reasonable budget while you're there is more important than ever!

These restaurants are all on our short list of "cheap" Kauai may find yourself sitting at a picnic table or grabbing take-out and heading to a beach to eat, but sometimes that makes it even better!!

First off, Click here for the cheapest meal on Kauai! The ambience and service could be better, but you certainly can't beat the price!

Hamura's Saimin Restaurant
Hamura's Saimin Restaurant

I don't think it's coincidence that our favorite Kauai restaurant also happens to be our favorite CHEAP Kauai restaurant...

...Hamura's Saimin restaurant in Lihue. A true locals joint, I could eat a meal a day there the whole vacation!

Mark's Place
Mark's Place Restaurant
Another of the GREAT inexpensive Kauai restaurants is Mark's Place which is also in Lihue. This is a place you would never find without knowing about it, and it's pretty much a "take-out" only place whose main business seems to be catering and bakery...

...grab a to-go mixed plate, and take it to Kalapaki Beach for an awesome picnic meal.

For us, one of the great joys of vacationing is finding a great value for your dollars, and over the years, we've eaten at a LOT of places on Kauai, and have found quite a few cheap Kauai restaurants that serve good food, at a reasonable price...

The Kalapaki Beach Hut
The Kalapaki Beach Hut

The Kalapaki Beach Hut is another one of the cheap Kauai restaurants, with the added bonus of being right next to Kalapaki Beach, one of our favorite beaches...Best fish sandwich on the island!

Kauai is an island where "casual" dining is as much the norm as "fine dining". Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of expensive Kauai restaurants where you can enjoy a meal with all the ambience you could want...

...but after a day spent hiking in the red dirt, or playing at one of Kauai's awesome beaches, being able to just drag your family in "as you are" and grab good eats is particularly appealing!!

Of course, everybody's idea of "reasonable" is different...for some folks $40-$50 apiece on a meal is not an extravagance, and although THIS year, Daddy's pretty sure that $150 meals for the three of us ain't going to be happening, splurging IS one of the great joys of "being on vacation"...

So when we do, we head to Kukui's



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