Don't like the Kauai weather when it rains? Hop in the car and change it!!

We love Kauai weather because it's so easy to predict...the weather report is usually pretty much the same every day- "scattered rain showers and sunshine", and it really doesn't matter what time of the year you are there!

Sunny Kauai
A typical sunny Kauai day
Oh yeah, you can also add "breezy" to the daily forecast, because there's always a breeze that picks up by the afternoon, kind of tapers off at night, and then starts back up again the next day... the summer the temperature can hit the 90’s, and in the winter, the lows can get into the 60's, but most of the time it's highs in the 80’s and lows in the 70’s....PERFECT!!

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Lihue in EAST Kauai!

Double Kauai rainbow
Rainy with a double rainbow
on the north side...

There is no real "rainy season" on Kauai, although it seems to rain a little bit more during the winter.

The winter months from November thru March are generally the rainiest, but the great thing about Kauai weather is that it's really localized...

Kauai sun
...sunny and blue skies on the south!
...which means that even if it IS raining, you don't have to hole up and waste a precious vacation day stuck inside your condo or hotel...

...if you don't like it, you can simply pack up the car and drive a few miles to change it!

Kauai rainbow
Kauai rainbows rock!

We've spent lots of times "chasing" the sun across the island, starting in Princeville, and ending up down near Poipu...

...and for Sydney, the best part about the daily rains of Kauai weather is the RAINBOWS!

Kauai rainbow
Sydney with a rainbow

We've seen single, double, and twin rainbows, and she's enthralled every time... fact, the locals have a little saying, "No rain, no rainbows!", and my kid is certainly down with that!!

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Princeville in NORTH Kauai!

Kauai storm
A Kauai storm is brewing

When we stay in Princeville, we pretty much count on rain falling at least once a day, but it's much dryer and sunnier on the south and southwest areas of the island...

...and even when it does rain, it usually doesn't last very long, and then the sun is back out and you're back on the beach (or the pool!)...actually, Sydney (and Daddy!) love it when it rains and we're already in the water!

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Kekaha in WEST Kauai!

After being grilled by Sydney as to "but WHY?" it only rains all the time on PART of the island, this is what I figured out...

The biggest effect on Kauai weather comes from the trade winds that give us the daily breeze (and make golfing on Kauai such an adventure!)...

Kauai northeast shore
The northeast shore

...all during the summer, and about half of the winter, high pressure areas build up in the north Pacific and generate the trade winds that pick up moisture from the ocean and then push down onto the island's north and northeast shores...

...the trades hit the slopes of the mountains and higher elevations, and are forced upwards, where their moisture then condenses into those big Kauai clouds that produce rain...

Kauai foliage
Us in a Princeville garden
...and THAT'S why most of the rain falls in the mountains and valleys on the windward (northeastern) side of the islands...

...and why that area has all that lush vegetation and all those beautiful flowers growing everywhere...Next question!!

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Koloa in SOUTH Kauai!

Kauai's southwest shore
Polihale on the southwest shore

On the leeward (south and southwestern) side of Kauai, there is generally less rain and more sun. Near the United States Pacific Missile Range Facility at Barking Sands Beach, it can actually look and "feel" arid - if arid is a term that can be used in a tropical setting!!

The always moderate conditions of Kauai weather also means that the temperature of the waters surrounding the island are great for swimming!!

In California, when we go to the beach, it's about 50/50 whether or not Daddy even wants to get in the water...the older I get, the warmer that water has to be before I feel like jumping in...

Sydney and Daddy swim
I mean c'mon...78 degrees??
That's bath water!

...and when I'm on Kauai, there's never a moments hesitation!

The water temp usually ranges from around 82F degrees during the summer, which can drop to around 72F during the winter...

...but generally, most of the year the water temperature is around 78F. 78F!! Kids, can you say BATHWATER?

So for us, the best thing about Kauai weather is that we can visit any time of year. During November, we stay at the Pahio Shearwater in Princeville, and during July, we're at Banyan Harbor in Lihue.

You don't have to spend a lot of time "strategically planning" your getaway, and you can take advantage of the "off-season" travel and accommodation discounts, and still have a vacation with all the Hawaiian warmth and sun that you want!

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