Got kids? Kauai's beaches and activities are awesome for families!

Aloha! And welcome to our site!!

Kauai is our favorite Hawaiian island to visit with kids because it's beautiful, not so touristy, and there's tons of things to see and do. Oh yeah, and it's pretty cheap compared to Oahu and Maui!

Wailua Falls on Kauai
Wailua Falls

I've been coming to Hawaii my entire life. My parents brought me here for my first vacation when I was 2 years old, and I've never stopped coming back...We even got married in Hawaii!

But ever since we started a family, our Hawaiian vacations have changed from romantic, leisurely getaways, to fun-filled days
(and nights) of exploration...

Kauai sunset
The prerequisite romantic Kauai sunset!

...of course, you can't help but still get that romantic feeling sometimes, because hey, you ARE in Hawaii!!

All of our friends and family know we favor vacationing on Kauai. Those who REALLY know us also know that my wife keeps an amazingly DETAILED travel journal, and that Daddy likes to talk... we soon had so many people with families asking us where to go and what to see, that we decided to just save ourselves the trouble, and put all the info here!!

Guava Kai Plantation
Sydney's very first visit to
Guava Kai Plantation
We're so SAD it CLOSED last year!

So if this is your first time bringing your family to the island, this site will answer a lot of the questions that you might have... and if you've been here before, maybe you'll find something new to explore...

...I sure wish WE knew what we've learned before we first came, it would have helped us make much better use of our vacation time, and more importantly (especially these days), our vacation dollars!

First off, I should tell you that we LOVE to eat! And we love going to the beach too! So we’ll tell you what beaches are the best for kids, and some REALLY cool places to sight-see and explore.

You can also get the lowdown on the incredible variety of activities available on the "Garden Isle".

And we'll definitely tell you about our favorite places to eat, from great local food, to the beach-side restaurants, to fresh local produce and fish you can take home and toss on the grill...

So get in the Hawaiian frame of mind... Relax, take your time, explore our site, and then bring your keiki to Kauai!

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