The Kauai Costco has everything you need, including the cheapest meal on the island!

That's right, the Kauai Costco!! The ultimate "Get whatever you need in bulk" shopping experience on Kauai, also has the cheapest meal you can find!

Costco on Kauai
The Costco in Lihue...Paradise!!
4300 Nuhou St. Lihue 808-241-4000

The $1.50 Hot Dog and a Coke! Can't beat that with a driftwood stick! Or you can splurge, and get a big ol' piece of pizza and a Coke for $2.75!!

photo of me Costco pizza
Costco Hot Dog and Coke       Costco Pizza!

While we're on the subject of Costco food, you have got to check out the Poke counter that they have near the entrance.

Costco poke bar
The Costco poke bar!!

First off, just to HAVE poke is cool, let alone a good selection of different's fresh, and REALLY GOOD!!

You might as well grab some crab or the big crab legs while you're here too, although for fish, there's a couple of other places I'd send you before you bought from Costco.

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