Ke'e Beach...
it's the end of the road!

Ke’e Beach is another Sydney fave because it’s such an awesome snorkeling spot for the youngsters.

Ke'e Beach
Taken from a perfect sunset viewing spot!

Click here for a really cool satellite map of Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach parking
Ke'e Beach from the parking area
Ke'e Beach is literally at the end of the road past Hanalei. The 56 Highway basically ends at the parking area for Ke’e Beach.

The beach area closest to the parking area is at the far west side of Ke’e, and has a semi-protected cove where a reef forms a lagoon...

Ke'e reef
Ke'e Beach lagoon
Perfect for snorkeling!

...when the water is calm you can put on your mask and stick your head under water that is only up to your knees, and see lots of colorful fish swimming around!

Ke'e Beach
Sydney's first
Ke'e Beach visit!

This is a picture of me and Sydney at the west end of the beach on her very first visit back in 2003...

...that floaty swimsuit was the bomb! She was able to float around in the lagoon and see all kinds of fish.

For snorkeling during the summer, this is one of our favorite spots.

The “protected” area is not too big, but off to the right, the sand beach goes all the way around the northeast point of Kauai...

Ke'e Beach northwest end
The rocky point of
Ke'e Beach's west end

...while to the left it tapers off into a rocky point. As the evening comes around, the point is a great place to see a mind-blowing Na Pali sunset!

Ke’e Beach (and parking) can get a little crowded by mid-morning...but during the summer months, there’s not a better place for easy fish-seeing (is that even a term?) as far as we’re concerned!

Ke'e Beach
The waves break over the reef
HOWEVER, ALWAYS CHECK A BEACH/WEATHER REPORT! In the winter especially, Ke’e is NOT as kid friendly(or just HUMAN friendly!), and the waves can get pretty rough.

We’ve been there at times when we didn’t go in the water, but the close reef and all the rocks around make it a winner as long as you bring your watershoes.

Later in the afternoon, there‘s a current from the water flowing out of the channel that tugs at you, pulling at you whenever you’re in the water.

It gets stronger later in the day, and at some point, you have to basically swim against it just to stay in one place.

Sydney thought it was GREAT! She’d put her head in the water and float, watching the fish as the current pulled her around...

...that being said, when the water is rougher, that same current can also suck you right out into the channel and it’s strong enough that you can’t swim against it, so use common sense when you and the kids are in the water!

Ke'e Beach
Looking at Ke'e Beach from
the Kalalau Trail

If you and the older keikis want to go out past the protected lagoon, first, PLEASE DON’T TAKE A SMALL CHILD OUT THERE...

...there’s more than enough fish in the safer part of the lagoon for them to see, and the currents and waves farther out can be very dangerous...

...Try to go through the middle of the lagoon, so you don't deal with the rocks/reef...head left...

...and then wait for some waves to come in so you can swim through the holes or over the coral out of the lagoon...

Ke'e Beach sea turtle
Turtles eating on the reef at Ke'e Beach

There’s almost always sea turtles out there, but remember that they’re protected...

...and there’s a huge fine for touching or even being to close to them!

And even Sydney knows that you aren’t supposed to stand/walk/touch a coral reef because it destroys it...not to mention the funky rashes you sometimes get by having coral touch your skin.

If you’re a clean freak, the facilities at Ke’e may leave you wanting. The water hasn’t been running in the facilities in a while, and it seems like the restroom facilities have been under construction forever.

Port-a-potties are there, but it’s certainly not like it used to be. We can’t wait for the upgrades to be finished!

Parking is okay but can also get crowded, but there’s an overflow lot higher up and it’s an easy walk to the beach.

During the summer, it’s a really popular spot, so if you want a decent “sandy” place to hang, plan on arriving early.

There’s also lots of trees around, so if you don’t mind not being on sand, then you can find a shady spot to keep a little cooler…

If you get there early enough and find a good spot, Ke'e is another beach where you can spend the whole day. Just remember to pack the essentials for a beach day and you'll have another great day on a Kauai beach with the kids!

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